Saraki stated this on Wednesday in his welcome address at the resumption of plenary after the Yuletide festivities. He said, “Spirits are high, because this year, Nigeria has a date with destiny. “But we also know that despite all this, leadership work must go on; governance must not suffer. We must trudge on and fulfil our mandates as legislators subject to the Nigerian Constitution and the will of the people. “We must have our eyes firmly fixed on the unfinished business of the 8th Senate –that is to bring the legislative agenda to a fitting close and cap our endeavours of these four years with success. “We cannot relent or lose steam in this last lap; we must remain focused and finish strong.” Saraki added, “Nigerians expect us to continue in this vein, and we owe it to ourselves to meet their expectations. “The legacy of the 8th Senate will be written in the legislative footprints and the foundation we lay.” The senate president urged his colleagues to address the issues affecting Nigerians. He listed some of the issues as unemployment, a lack of economic opportunities and insecurity. He urged them to address the issues and conclude work on all outstanding bills and petitions. He urged Nigerian leaders to reduce the tension in the country by contributing to an atmosphere of moderate and measured political conversations. He said, “The expectations of the executive are also palpable, particularly with regard to the need to uphold the constitution and its tenets, especially as they guarantee the minimum basic requirement of the separation of powers; the unity of the country and the welfare of the citizens. “On that note, I wish to lay emphasis on the role of the judiciary in promoting justice and bringing respect to the country. “Everyone in the political value chain should therefore do nothing that could raise the tension in the country. Nigerians are looking up to leaders who will douse the flames that have the potential to threaten the peace and wellbeing of our country.”]]>

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