According to the charge sheet No. RCW/481/16, officials of the company were arraigned over failure to file in returns all emoluments paid to its employers in 2015 to the state revenue board, contrary to Section 81(2) of the Personal Income Tax Act 2011 (as amended) and punishable under Section 81 (3) of the same act. The counsel to DBIR, Mrs. Uwanaro Okome, told the court that the company officials were first arraigned in July 2016 with the hearing notices served, adding that neither the company nor the counsel appeared in court. “I’m satisfied that judgement was entered against the company, we came to court to enforce the section 81 (2 & 3) of PITA which states that any company which fails to file returns of all emoluments paid to its employees before January 31 is liable to a penalty of N500,000,” she said.]]>