Salary and remuneration of young lawyers

Young lawyers must support their chambers

Respectively, the solution to the problem of poor earnings by young lawyers goes beyond the putting in place of any policy that guarantees payment of an additional few thousands of naira. Rather, the answer is in young lawyers supporting to build their law firms as institutions and assisting with all their energy in the provision of reliable, sound and adequate legal services to the clientele of the firm. Continue reading “Salary and remuneration of young lawyers”

Body of Benchers: Competent or Not?

This matter is in respect of my Call to Bar Certificate.

I was called to the Nigerian Bar in November, 2014 along with other successful aspirants to the Nigerian bar after years of hard work right from primary school to the Nigerian Law School; the hard work to become a legal practitioner with numberless dreams was crowned with a celebrated call to the Nigerian Bar but without a Call to bar certificate. Continue reading “Body of Benchers: Competent or Not?”

Why Lawyers Should Use Social Media To Help Get Customer Feedback

Client feedback is a crucial component of effective law firm marketing programmes.

Though many large firms do client satisfaction surveys or have business development teams that have detailed follow up strategies in place, many small firms don’t do so because of cost constraints or an apparent lack of time. Continue reading “Why Lawyers Should Use Social Media To Help Get Customer Feedback”