There are many things you will learn during practice which are not obtained in our syllabus in the University. You must learn not to complain of unfairness because law practice is a chess game in which the smartest player always win. Yes, I must agree that there is luck in law but hardwork precedes the real luck that will set you out. I am not talking because I am a senior lawyer because I am still learning too but because I have seen opportunities and many at times I have missed what could have turn my life around because I fail to learn that law practice is business on its own. I can assure you that with the degree you hold if it is money you are a potential millionaire, if it is opportunity the sky is the beginning of your journey but you must be committed to the cause of your people so that you will be a force to be reckoned with. Only in this profession that you will have opportunity of closing deals worth millions of naira within a very shorttime, many of my colleagues can be my witness, I have done same for my principal but the sad thing is most of them will extort and exploit you in the process. Saying law practice is beautiful is an understatement because it comes with prestige. I can assure you that as a young lawyer you have nothing to be scared about. I am not promising you a platter of gold because your road will definitely be rough like many of us but the condition can never be permanent. There is nothing like not being unemployed except you are unemployable in law practice. Also the issue of hunger and what to wear will never be an issue for you from today henceforth while other things follow later. Recreate and rebrand yourself in your own world, take up challenges and learn to see opportunities when it present itself. Do not believe that only in courtroom that you will make money as lawyers because this profession is wide beyond your imagination. While we have very poor lawyers, charge and bails which I believe you will not choose to be we have very hardworking lawyers who have distinguished themselves. You don’t need your father, uncle or relatives whatsoever to be successful as long as you are very serious. Take life slowly but steady and do not forget the rules of Professional Conduct particularly in the handling of clients’ money. Many lawyers have lose their certificate as a result of breach of that rule, I tell you so that you don’t have reasons to embarrass those who have invested so much in you because of the potentials they found in you. I join the entire members of the Bar to say welcome to our world. #CONGRATULATIONS]]>

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