Buhari urged to immortalise Gani, Ubani, Aturu, others


Rights activists have called on President Muhammadu Buhari to accord the late activist, Mr Chima Ubani, who died a decade ago in a ghastly motor accident in Potuskum on his way to Maiduguri and other fallen heroes and martyrs of democracy struggle, the recognition they deserved for their various enormous sacrifices.

Other heroes, according to them, include the late Chief Gani Fawehinmi, Dr Beko Ransom- Kuti, Bamidele Aturu, Emma Ezeazu, among others.

The activists, who led a procession on the streets of Lagos in marking the 10th anniversary of the death of Ubani, also urged President Buhari to address the problems that occasioned the death of some of the fallen heroes such as poor health system in the case of Fawehinmi, bad roads in respect of Ubani, as well as ensure good governance in the country.

The activists, under the aegis of Nigerian Women Activists and Friends and led by the National Coordinator, Network on Police Reform in Nigeria, Mr Nwanguma Okechukwu; Comrade Mma Odi, among others, later delivered a letter at the Lagos House, which was addressed to the President.

In the letter, they lamented that since the death of Ubani, Nigeria had lost many of its invaluable patriots, saying that the rank of the country’s fighting forces was fast depleting and the struggle for democracy suffering a major setback.

“Our democracy movement has lost many more of our great, indefatigable and inspirational leaders and patriot. We have lost Chief Gani Fawehinmi, we have lost Dr Beko Ransom- Kuti, we have lost Bamidle Aturu, and recently, we also lost Emma Ezeazu .

“The rank of our fighting forces is fast depleting and our struggle for democracy is suffering a major setback. Our humanity is getting diminished by these major losses of the arrow heads of our struggles,” the said.

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