Constitutional lawyer and Chairman of the Presidential Committee on Anti- Corruption, Prof. Itse Sagay (SAN) has raised alarm over what he called the insults and death threats he has received from Igbo people for expressing his opinion on the renewed agitation for Biafra republic during President Muhammadu Buhari’s tenure.

Speaking with newsmen on Saturday, the erudite legal practitioner said rather than threatening him and the peace of the entire country, those who have contrary views to his should engage him in a debate and present their views in a civilised and refined manner.

Sagay, who said he stood by his comments that the the Igbo having lost out at the federal level decided to resurrect Biafra so as to get appointments they don’t deserve under Buhari also added that he will not take the threats lightly because according to him “they have serious security implications”.

“All I did was expressed my views on a national issue. If they have contrary views, they should come forward with it instead of using abusive words particularly threatening people’s lives. Infact, they are not only threatening me but the entire country that we shall see what happens whenever they start whatever they are planning”.

” It is a very irrational process and environment in which to operate. I thought we were engaging in a debate”.

“Little did I know I was dealing with desperadoes who will not tolerate any other views that are not consistent with theirs in their headlong determination to cause confusion in the country. It is very sad”.

“I won’t take the threats lightly because most of the things said to me has serious security implications and I will do something about it” he said.

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