Counsel for the applicant respondents Aisha Tahir Habeeb informed the court that they have filed a 19 paragraph counter affidavit in response to the motion on notice filed by the defendant applicant. The defendant applicant again filed a response to the respondents counter affidavit by way of further and better affidavit which the respondents replied to on point of law. In his argument, Raji urged the court to set aside the interim forfeiture granted in favour of the Federal Government of Nigeria in respect of the sum of $9,772,000 and £74,000. In his view, he submitted that the mere mention of forfeiture in the order might tempt the Government to expends the money. So, he submitted that the order instead of forfeiture, should be for an interim attachment of the property. Aisha Habeeb in her response told the court that the order speaks for itself. The order said “in the interim pending conclusion of the matter” which is now before Abuja Federal High Court. Aisha also attached the copy of the charge against the defendant applicant before Federal High Court Abuja in her reply on point of law. She added that the Government can never touch money that is under court order. Justice Zainab adjourned the matter to the 10th of May 2017 for ruling.]]>