Stringing together a catalogue of offences allegedly com­mitted by President Mu­hammadu Buhari, a Nigerian-American, Barrister Carol Ajie, has petitioned the United States’ President Barack Obama to call the former to order.

A copy of the petition was sent to President Buhari, Senate Pres­ident Olubukola Saraki and the Speaker of the House of Repre­sentatives, Hon. Yakubu Dogara.

Ajie, who is a George Town-based lawyer and a human rights activist, said her “clarion call” on Obama would augur well for Ni­geria if America assists the coun­try to attain greatness, deepen democracy and give Nigerians a sense of belonging a la ‘’federal­ism modelled along US confed­erate path.’’

She said: ‘’Bearing in mind the world’s greatest democracy, the United States would assist in guiding nations to achieve great potential, in contributing to shap­ing democratic norms around the world, so that Nigerians in the North East, North West, North Central, South East, South-South and South West would, as a mat­ter of national priority, cultivate a true sense of federalism mod­elled along US confederate path.’’

The list of alleged offences by Buhari which precipitated the pe­tition, according to her, are: stok­ing of sectional tension, delib­erate acts of inhumanity, gender inequity, presidential profligacy in the marshalling of the 2016 Budg­et and impunity.

Ajie, therefore, sought Oba­ma’s intervention to whip Buhari into line by pressuring him to re­spect court orders or resign, cur­tail his supporters who may have started campaigns for tenure elon­gation and muscling of the oppo­sition in the name of fighting cor­ruption.

She further appealed to Oba­ma to ‘’respectfully call President Buhari to order, prohibit violence from politics and rights advoca­cy campaigns and respect court orders.

‘’Buhari’s presidency and agents despise subsisting order of the Federal High Court, Abu­ja per Honourable Justice Adeni­yi Ademola to release IPOB Lead­er, Nnamdi Kanu unconditionally, who is still being held in chains in a dungeon cell since October 14; this is the fourth month!,’’ she wrote.

Ajie also urged President Oba­ma to ‘’support Nigeria and Nige­rians to achieve true federalism’’ as well as ‘’support the path to a confederation of independent states in Nigeria.’’

To her, ‘’Buhari’s unfair tac­tics, expression of prejudices and hostility towards the people com­monly known as “Biafrans” in the South Eastern region of Nigeria, is a bad precedent against our peace­ful co-existence.’’
Insisting that ‘’he must be magnanimous in victory,’’ the pe­titioner noted that the President is yet to learn an important lesson from the Nigerian civil war by de­taining ‘’the leader of the Indig­enous Peoples of Biafra (IPOB) Nnamdi Kanu’’ and killing de­fenceless citizens calling for his release.

The petitioner also cited ‘’presidential disdain for Shiite Muslims in Nigeria,’’ who were allegedly decimated by the Nige­rian Army in Zaria, ‘’whilst Pres­ident Buhari looks away!’’

On the 2016 Budget, Ajie ob­served that Buhari who “rode to power on the crest of a Spartan lifestyle…no longer practices what he preached.”

‘’Seven months after he took the oath of office and the oath of allegiance on 29th May, 2015 and against the principles of transpar­ency and accountability, President Buhari has declined to disclose sums he said he recovered from Nigeria’s treasury looters and pro­jects he intends to fund with his mentor-dictator Abacha’s loot re­turned,’’ she added.

She added that the President has failed ‘’to downsize excessive presidential fleet; and his prodi­gious spending of N1.8 billion monthly on maintenance costs for 11 aircraft viz Falcon 7X jets, Fal­con 900, Gulfstream 550, Boeing 737 BBJ, Gulfstream IVSP, Gulf­stream V etc.

“Majority of Nigerians live in squalor in the cruel face of splen­dour where the lives of Internal­ly Displaced Persons (IDPs) could be transformed with as little as 10 percent of the monthly air fleet maintenance costs. What does it cost President Buhari to provide modest housing for the poor? Per­sonal sacrifice!’’ she emphasised.

In her words, the 2016 budg­et ‘’surpasses previous regimes as Buhari’s frugal proclivity and Spartan predilection suddenly disappear.’’

On the marginalisation of women, Ajie wrote: ‘’For obscure reasons, President Buhari ceded only 15 percent to women in his cabinet, without remorse or apol­ogies,’’ stressing that ‘’he must be held to keep this and his other campaign promises and pledges.’’

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