I write this letter because I am eager to see you come and go. I can’t wait anymore.

Your anticipation has caused more harm than good in our once serene society where love used to permeate its entire airspace free of charge. However, with your anticipation, we seem to be gripped in a season of tension, distrust and agony! Please just come and go.

Your expectation has turned friends against each other. Friends have ceased to be friends and men have ceased to be men. Injustice stalks the land like a tiger on the prowl. Our society at the moment is tottering dangerously on the brink of disaster. Please just come and go for you are the cause.

Truth has become a scarce and an expensive commodity in our society. Men now speak based on where their bread is buttered. Our society is now devoid of idols. Men have lost their sense of reasoning and act based on sentiments. Please just come and go for you are the cause!

Our society has been Balkanized; it is no longer a nation bound in freedom. The word, “integrity” now has multiple meanings depending on which side of the divide you belong. Integrity has been jettisoned because of your anticipated arrival – please just come and go and leave us in peace. If possible, don’t ever come back!

Injustice is now justice; injustice is now justified. Every unjust act is given a legal backing and we are quickly reminded that it was worst in the past. But I thought we are in a new dawn and have outgrown the blaming game – but I was wrong! Please just come and go for you are the cause!

Please when you come and go, do not leave more casualties behind for we have enough on our hands already. Our society must commence a healing ritual to restore the dignity of man. Please just come and go!

Yours sincerely,

Ahmed Tijani Yusuf, Esq
Notary Public of Nigeria

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