Prof. Chidi Odinkalu

1. Today is the birthday of the No 1 husband and co-culprit in our franchise of laughing and loving in Lagos. He is 50 years today. He is a June 12th baby. Well it used to be an ordinary day till it became democracy day.Sending him love and light.
– Iheoma Odinkalu, Wife

2. Happy birthday dad. You are now old!
-Dilim Odinkalu, Son

3. Ugh, dad! You are so old. When are we going out again?
-Solumfeechi Odinkalu, Daughter

4. Of course you had to be born on June 12-natural born rebel! Happy birthday dear friend, brilliant mind and status quo rather. Thanks for bringing all of yourself to the Nigeria and Africa Projects. Aluta Continua!
-Ayisha Osori
Chair Board of Trustees, OSIWA

5. Happy birthday to you my personal person, friend, bros, mentor. Enyioha of Uwa Nile. Nwanne, yagaziekwara gi ooo
-Joel Nwokeoma
6. Happy Birthday Uncle Chidi!
-Ayo Sogunro

7. Happy birthday Oga Boss. May your light keep shining .May your dream for equality, care and respect for lives of citizens be a reality in this your lifetime. Receive accolades now and always!
– M.M.Obono

8. Happy birthday Boss
-Blessing Timidi

9. Happy birthday bro like no other. May God continue to keep and protect you.
-Rose Angela Augustine

10. Happy 50th birthday to our Chairman, International Advisory Board, Molluma Medico-Legal Centre. Your strength and courage is exemplary to us. You have remained an unrelenting voice of justice in not just Nigeria but the world. We wish you a truly golden birthday and a future of warmth.
-Molluma Medico-Legal Centre,House of Justice, Kaduna.

11. The earth shall not deny you my brother! Thank you for the priceless service to our country.
– Dapsy

12. Happy birthday Prof. May this year bring you fulfillment of heart desires. Have a blast sir.
– Roto Omerta.

13. Happy birthday Prof. I admire you always. .Live long and remain impactful.

14. Happy birthday Prof. Wish you at least another 50 years in sound health, mental state and agility.

15. Happy birthday Prof.
-Donald Ayibowu

16. Happy birthday Prof
– Obioma Ezewobodo

17. Professor, happy birthday to you June twelve
– S.J. Onu Esq

18. Happy birthday Prof
– Nanfwang Ayuba

19. Happy birthday brother, we celebrate you today as always.
– Caleb Dajan Esq

20. Happy birthday to a man of people. Snr Prof Chidi. A man they could not fault. We need more people like you to stand in the gap for the voiceless. Wishing you long life and prosperity.
– Vera Cruz

21. Happy birthday to our dear friend brother and leader, Prof. Chidi Odinkalu. Many years of grace and favour.
– CK
22. Happy birthday my lawyer and boss. I stand erect sir.
– Naseer Kura

23. Happy birthday Sir
– Mr Anderson.

24. Happy Birthday Prof
-Nanfwang Ayuba

25. Happy birthday Chidi
– Hon. Ibim Semenitari

26. This is wishing a freedom fighter, peace promoter, an icon of humanity and detribalized leader that has set a benchmark for love, harmony and tranquility in Nigeria, a happy birthday.
– Abdulmumin Giwa,
National secretary, Media forum of Islamic movement.

27. Happy birthday my amazing mentor and boss, thank you for being an amazing support and teacher over the years. Thank you for bringing me into your inner circle and giving me great opportunities. Thank you for the way you love Nigeria and continually sacrifice for her. You are an amazing man and I pray that your next 50 years will be filled with outstanding rewards than your first 50. God bless you sir.
– Abiodun Baiewu – Global Rights

28. Dear Uncle C of the universe, (make we sef borrow am) truly you have touched our universe in no small measure. May you find joy and happiness more than you give to others, may God overwhelming peace flood your heart and may this latter fifty be greater, better, fulfilling and more rewarding than the past. Fifty cheers to a good man!
– Gladys, Georgia, Gideon (The Ballasons)

29. Ha! Chidi @50? I wish him the very best. I pray God to continue to give him the strength to light for good governance and well-being of the people. Massive regards to him, Iheoma and the kids.
Eze Anaba,
Editor Vanguard Newspaper.

30. Many happy returns to Chidi.
– Mourina Chaieb

31. Happy birthday oga’m…more grace and years to you. It’s no coincidence God chose today to give your life. You epitomize all that democracy, human rights and dignity stand for. Have a splendid day and may you continue to remain Husband No 1!!! Amen!
-Olufunke Baruwa

32. Happy birthday Prof. you are one Nigerian who has every reason to turn his back against Nigeria. The atrocities that Nigeria can meet on its citizens you got a firsthand experience as a child yet you chose to stand for Nigeria. You have never shield away from any issue. You have never played the politically correct or elderly correct card. You have stayed on a cause and said it as it is. God bless you.

Nigeria is lucky to have you even though it never values or realizes the worth of what it has. You are an inspiration to humanity. You see people for the humans that they are and not for the label that has been placed on them. You stand and defend humanity always. On this your birthday, I wish you the Nigeria of your dreams where peace and justice reigns. I wish you many happy returns. I wish you good health and prosperity. I wish you all the best that life has to offer and more. May God continue to bless, protect, and strengthen you, Amen.
-Aisha Yesufu
Co-convener, Bring Back Our Girls.

33. Happy 50th birthday to my oga and brother Professor Chidi Odinkalu. Learned senior, mentor to many, tormentor to tormenters, brilliant, resilient yet humble. I wish you 50 more years of good health, prosperity and success!!!
-Audu Maikori
Chairman, Chocolate City Group

34. Happy birthday Prof! May you enjoy good health and wealth all your days. I celebrate you sir!
-Martha Rotoye Esq

35. As the chairman of the National Human Rights Commission, you have set a bar high in terms of morals and relevance in a society where morals and service are at low ebb. You are worthy role model in a society where models are scarce! Happy birthday sir, I love you, God bless you.
– Orji A.O. Chinedu

36. Dearest Prof, thank you for all you have ben to me, you have in all ways being my father, boss, friend, confidant. You made me discover my purpose in life, a huge accomplishment I can never stop thanking you for. I have no regrets of being infected with your viral, infectious humility, empathy and restless mindset for greater good for all. You are will always remain one of the most influential people in my life. May the good lord continue to preserve you for whatever best you deserve.
– Citizen MSK (Mohammed Sabo Keana)

37. Happy birthday and many more years to Prof Chidi. We wish you the very best.
– Citizen Gavel.

38. Happy birthday big brother, may God keep you and protect you.
– Jerome Chimbiko

39. Happy birthday sir, thank you for being a great light. Continue to thrive and Prosper sir.
– J.J. Omojuwa

40. Happy birthday, great bold (bald) one! It is an absolute blessing to have you in our lives!
-Malkia, Aleeka, Hawi, Myra and Don Daya and the entire PALU family!

41. Happy birthday Nwannem. The light burns brighter when shared. You have shared enough light out there to make a flame. Happy birthday, keep it up!
-Ireke a Kalu – Onuma

42. This is my family, the best colleague anyone can have. Maxwell is my big brother, the nicest human known; Stanley is that uncle who throws in a proverb into every convo. Blessing is a mum and Prof. Chidi is my dad. Just priceless! Happy birthday dad!

43. Happy 50th birthday Chidi. May your years of relentless campaign for a better Nigeria yield good dividends in the next phase of your life!
– Stanley Ibe.
44. Happy birthday to our Oga and fearless comrade. This is wishing you long life and prosperity sir.
– Ohimai Godwin Amaize

45. Prof, I join all well-wisher to wisher to wish you the most happy birthday and Gods protection and wisdom in all your undertaking. Stay steadfast in your chosen cause to intercede on behalf of the down trodden of our challenged country. God bless you most abundantly.
– Onuchie Anyaoku

46. Happy birthday prof. may today usher in a brighter future…. Blessings
– Olisaemeka Okolie

47. Congratulations prof. May you years be blessed.
– Mide Ajibare

48. Happy birthday Prof. may you work and never stumble.
– Ichie Edozie Okeke

49. Happy birthday our own prof. may you enjoy many more happy years of invaluable service to God and mankind in sound health and mind.
– Unachukwu Esq

50. My dear Uncle C of my world and universe, your birth was the miracle that the world waited for. You are a blessing we count when we think about the voice for the voiceless, empathy for the human suffering and love that is genuine. I wish you the happiest birthday sir you know a life time is not to long to have you…. Brother of life.

– Gloria Mabeiam Ballason.

Hearty 50th Born day Professor. Getting older means getting better…you’re approaching perfection. All of us at TheNigerialawyer is wishing you a wonderful celebration and an amazing year. Chioma Unini

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  1. Happy Birthday Chidi. Am one of the many comrades you have inspired quietly.May you have many more as you liberate and inspire Africa.
    Haron M Ndubi, KPTJ
    NAIROBI Kenya