The pre-qualification is for the year 2017 projects. 1. Supply of: a. Office Furniture and Equipment b. Residential Furniture and Equipment c. Computer Equipment and Court retrofitting d. Drugs/Medical Equipment e. Library Equipment/Books & Periodicals f. Security Equipment g. Power Generating Plant h. Office Material and Suppliers i. Road Motor Vehicles 2. Rehabilitation of Offices and Quarters a. Rehabilitation and redesign of office complex b. Rehabilitation of Residential Quarters c. Rehabilitation of Guest Houses d. Construction of sporting facility 3. Maintenance and other Service a. Maintenance of Motor Vehicles b. Maintenance of Building Office c. Maintenance of Building residential d. Maintenance of Generation & plant e. Maintenance of Computer & I.T equipment f. Maintenance of Infrastructure (Landscaping, other horticulture & Erosion control) g. Maintenance of Chillers plants and central air conditioning system. h. Maintenance of 11 KV High Tensions Switch gear/Panels 4. Training & Consultancy Service a. Local Training b. International Training c. Information Technology Consulting d. Insurance e. Security Services f. Legal Services g. Building & Construction. 5. Requirement for Pre-Qualification Prospective contractors/consultants should posses the following documents:- a. Evidence of company registration with the corporate affairs commission (CAC) b. Current Tax Clearance for the last three (3) years. (2014-2016) c. Company’s profile which should include (1) name of current Directors as registered with CAC (2) names, qualification and experiences off key personnel and (3) List of verifiable project successfully executed in the immediate pass three years. d. Name(s) and addresses of Bank(s) including letter of reference guarantee from the Bank; evidence of involvement and experience in similar job contract, stating contract sums and showing evidence of award and duration completion. 6. Submission of Pre-Qualification Documents Pre-qualification documents should be enclosed in sealed envelope marked “2017 PER-QUALIFICATION” and must be returned within two weeks of these publication and addressed to:- Secretary Tenders1 Board Supreme Court of Nigeria, P.M.B. 308, Abuja, Note: a. This is not an invitation to tender for the job b. Late submission will be rejected c. This advertisement for “Pre-qualification shall not be construed to be a commitment on the part of the Supreme Court of Nigeria, Abuja nor shall it entitled the applicant to make any claims whatever and or seek any indemnity from the Supreme Court of Nigeria, Abuja by virtue of such application having responded to this advertisement. d. Request for pre-qualification should be very clear about the areas of proven competence and interest. e. After this Pre-qualification exercise, tenders for contracts and jobs will be accepted only from Pre-qualified contractors and the Supreme Court of Nigeria shall not enter into any correspondence with unsuccessful applications. Signed: Management]]>

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