Expect Before Hiring?

Getting through an interview is an important phase for any job seeker as he/she is put to tests at various levels. Of course, accomplishing best aptitude and subject expertise may be the key aspect to succeed in an interview.

But the change in work culture demands much more than prerequisites.

Thus, it is mandatory for an employee to have comprehensive knowledge on flipside of the interview. Here we have listed out few points on what employer look for in a job candidate while hiring. Following some of these points will help you to tackle the interview.

1. Domain Knowledge

Subject expertise forms an vital aspect for any job seeker. The required expertise on the domain boost up the confidence of an employer to hire you. Updates on the subject is crucial as the employee is expected to contribute to achieve the set targets as soon as he is taken into the team.

2. Think Out of Box

Are you among the one who thinks out of the box and deliver your work in an unique way than your counterparts?. If yes, there is no need to look back as the skill set assuresof fetching the job. You need to prove showcase your creativity with an example. Make sure to tell them how you implemented skill set and helped in achieving the goals of the company. For eg: Ideas you shared to sell the product of the company or the strategies you incorporated to increased productivity with less number of manpower etc.,

3 Flexibility and Adaptability

Zeal to update on various aspects of domain is one more quality that adds weightage to your profile. Learning new skills and incorporating same in the work is what employers demand. Thus, flexibility in learning ensures your inclination towards the work.

4.Initiative and Competitive

Candidates who takes initiative to organise and deliver their work are most preferred by the employer. Job seeker should accomplish the spirit to go ahead with the projects without waiting for any supervision. Being competitive shows your interest, efficiency and commitment towards the work. The above mentioned skills may not be listed in the job profile but will be considered on high priority while hiring. Incorporating these qualities will ensure to draw the attention of employer towards you.

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