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Members of the NBA SAPELE branch have called for the possible boycotting of all courts within the SAPELE coverage.

This call was made after the arrest its members, Eze Onyolu and 11 others.

Mr. Eze was arrested when he honoured a letter addressed to him, dated the 7th day of June, 2017. The letter was sent from the office of the Deputy Commissioner of police, State Criminal Investigation and Intelligent Service Department, Asaba.

The letter which signed by Samuel O. Ojo, the said Deputy Commissioner of police contained a call for a meeting with the commissioner of police to discuss on peace building between the community of Amai, being the community of Mr. Eze, and as well other communities such as Ezjokpo and Umuebu, on the 13th of June, 2017.
Mr. Eze and 11 others however received the shock of their lives when they were arrested after honouring the invitation.

I C E Okugbo Esq, Chairman, NBA Sapele Branch stated this in a circular released immediately after the arrest. According to him:

”A member of the NBA, Sapele Branch was arrested with 11 others at the Commissioner of Police’s office, Asaba when they went there to honour an official invitation from the CP to attend a Peace Meeting. A hurriedly arranged trumped up charge was filed at the Chief Magistrate 1 Asaba, and all of them, including our colleague who happens to be our Asst Sec, were remanded in prison at Ogwshi-Uku.

It was resolved in an emergency meeting of our branch to boycott all courts within the coverage areas of the NBA Sapele. To this end letters will be circulated to all the courts this morning. Please, bear with us.

Remember, an injury to one is an injury to all!”

This call is made not just to bring to the fore the draconian actions of the Nigerian Police against other citizens, but also a note of warning and the need why the Legal community has to be vigilant with regards to the disrespect shown to the legal profession by the Nigerian Police.

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