The NBA Lagos Branch seems not to agree with the NBA president with respect to his directives that the NBA Lagos Branch should conduct its election in line with the Uniform Byelaws of the 2015 Constitution and not the Old Byelaws of the Branch.

Constitutional and Human Rights Attorney Carol Ajie, made it clear when she stated thus:

”At the monthly general meeting of the Nigerian Bar Association premier Branch at the High Court Lagos, you recall in May 2017, the premier Branch did vote by overwhelming majority of  92-19 against NBA Uniform Bye-Laws which had been promulgated  under the ILLEGAL Constitution  2015 struck down by the resounding judgment of revered Justice Tsoho of the Federal High Court sitting in FHC Abuja court 3.

On Tuesday 13th June instant, in rejection of blackmailing and intimidating tactics of Abubakar Mumoud (ABM) & Team, that if the NBA Lagos premier proceeded with our Branch elections in coming weeks with the 2003 Byelaws which our members overwhelming majority preferred for the legitimate reason that 2015 uniform byelaws had been discarded by Order of Tsoho J, notwithstanding attempts by Team ABM to breathe life into a dead piece of ‘legislation’ by re-registering or registering it in CAC,  and the puerility of Chair Ogunleye’s effort  arising from pressure to revoke a standing resolution of Lagos Branch that had rejected the uniform bye laws of 2015, they met their waterloo!

NBA Premier said should Team ABM not recognize the incoming regime, ABM should note that they are not officers of ABM but officers of NBA Premier and owe allegiance to constituents in Lagos NOT Kano!

That the resolution of the Branch stands not to use the 2015 Bye-laws

That the resolution of the Branch stands not to participate in the annual general conference Aug 2017 in Lagos in view of exorbitant and exploitative conference fees in the face of recession& non-consultation.

That NBA Lagos resolve not to be part of his LOC and the few on AB Mahmoud’s TCCP are on their own. They represent themselves not us.”

This statement is coming some fews weeks to the NBA CONFERENCE and after the NBA president’s warning in his address in the National Executive Commitee meeting, to the Lagos Branch that any election conducted outside the Uniform Byelaws would not be recognized. Recall that the Yenagoa Branch of the NBA has already complied with the directives some weeks back.

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