Ukauzo Chukwuemeka Augustine

Could you briefly introduce yourself?
Ukauzo Chukwuemeka Augustine Esq.  Graduate of Abia State University, Uturu, Abia State in 2008 after successfully completing my course of study and obtaining my Bachelor of laws degree (LL.B). I thereafter proceeded to the Nigerian Law School, Abuja, FCT where i obtained my Barrister at law (B.L) and was called to the prestigious Nigerian Bar in 2009. In 2012 Austine Esq. Proceeded also to Abia State university Uturu for his Master in law (LL.M) . Since my call to the Nigerian Bar, l have practiced in Notable Law offices including in Ogun State, Rivers State and Federal Capital Territory Abuja before establishing Consecrated Law firm which i head as the managing Solicitor. I am happily married with kids.

What area (s) of law  interests you?
I found interest in Litigation, Corporate practice law, Property Consultation & management, Legal Advice, Secretaries,and legal contract Drafting.

What do you like most about legal practice?‎
I love the fact that litigation gives me challenges in practice. I always like the fact that it give me intellectual stimulation, and in every situation am not victorious , I learn new methods from it.  Litigation gives me fulfillment as a legal practitioner.

Why do you choose to be a lawyer?
To be voice to the voiceless and to render legal assistance to indigent people thereby giving them access to Justice. Also to correct the public notions that all lawyers belong to one  secret cult or the other. That there is no way a lawyer can be successful in practice without being a member of a secret cult. Most of us are good Christian or moslem and we are doing fantastically well in the areas of our chosen career.

What is your most critical time in practice  you had to deal with?
That was as a new wig , the court was about striking out my matter and I was put on a spot to address the court. And I was not prepared for it  and if I don’t the matter is gone. I have to ask the holy spirit to help to say what the court wanted to hear, that was my victory that day.

What do you think determines progress in practice?
First and foremost God’s grace, consistency and determination for hard work.

What are your outside interests and hobbies?‎
Learning new methods, Watching sports and hanging out in a live music show.

Have you ever benefited from your ‎disappointment/mistakes?
Yes, most times they are blessing in disguise.

Could you tell us your experience as a young lawyer ‎
Wasn’t too fantastic, but I learnt to be patient in life. It taught me that hard work pays in practice.

Who has been most influential in your life?
God has been my most influential.

Your word of encouragement to up coming lawyers ‎‎?‎
I must tell them that with God, hard work, patient and consistent you are good to go. I know it is sometimes difficult as a young lawyer to over come the economic situation in the country but look less on it and focus on working hard, which I know surely pays.

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