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The Council of Legal Education in Nigeria through the Nigerian Law School Has released the names of students who defaulted its dinning terms. The Nigerian Law school on Tuesday released the names in a PDF file made available on its website.

The students where said to have arrived late for the dinner which was the third for the session. This action by the students was reported to have been a breach of the guidelines set by the Body of Benchers before a person can be called to the Nigerian Bar. The guidelines state that a student shall(Compulsory) attend all dinning terms fixed by the authorities and anyone who misses such important dinners shall not be eligible for the Nigerian Bar in other words shall not be fit and proper to practice law in Nigeria

The Nigerian Law School In its release also stated that the students (with a total number of 55) shall not be eligible for the call to bar ceremonies holding in Abuja at the international conference Center. This means they would be eligible for another call to bar ceremony to be held sometime next year upon attending a dinner to be stipulated by the body.

Over the years the Council of Legal Education has been known for its strict nature and disciplinarian measures which it uses in ensuring Nigerian Law School students/intending Lawyers are Fit and Proper to be called to the Nigerian Bar.

Here are the successful but not eligible for the November,2016 Call.


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