Sabastine Ubua Anyia

It’s not easy to be a good lawyer. A lawyer is a life of sacrifice. You sacrifice everything you have to please your client.

You even risk your family comfort just to put smiles on the face of your client. Your client hardly knows what you go through for his/her sake. At night when your clients are sleeping and snoring with their families, you are awake sitting on your table, researching and seeking for solutions to save your client.

No amount of money can quantify the sacrifices a lawyer made in performing his duty. It is therefore worrisome, disturbing and annoying when people ask, “what do lawyers even do?”

Lawyers by their calling are placed above every other profession. They are constantly placed on their toes as logic and reasoning are their constant partners just like elders are with their goat skinned bags.

It is a thing of honor to be a Lawyer. When next somebody asks you, “what do lawyers even do?” tell the person, “Lawyers are the pillars of logic and reasoning that govern the world “.

Lawyers should be proud of their profession and confront injustice without fear or favour. Any country where lawyers do not defend the rights of the downtrodden against the oppressive rules of the government is a finished country. I therefore call on all Nigerian lawyers to stand up against the injustices in the judiciary, legislature and the executive. This is the only way we can have a country or our dreams.

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