Hussaini Hussaini

In addition to the fact that I am deeply indebted to His Excellency, Governor M.A. Abubakar of Bauchi State for crystallizing our age long dream by embarking on a road construction which will cover and pass through our town of Ganye, in Toro Local Government; and the unprecedented effort of the governor to bring governance to the door steps of the youth by directly engaging them in governmental affairs, one important thing that His Excellency did that is still ringing in my mind is the prompt, exceptional and fatherly manner in which he paid us the 2015 conventional law school bursary/scholarships to Bauchi state law school students. This was why I totally agreed when my friend, Hon. Najmuddeen Abubakar, the Personal Assistant to the Governor on Students’ Affairs told me that his Excellency never allow a correspondence involving the welfare of students to pass through his desk without ensuring that he “personally” attend to it.

In fact, I am a witness to the Hon. S.A’s assertion because in 2015, the then president of the Bauchi state law student and me wrote a letter directly to the governor via courier, requesting him to please pay our law school bursary to ease the affairs of the then prospective law school students. He was said to have personally read our letter and ordered the immediate payment of our bursary. With all administrative bottlenecks, we received about ₦415,000 (Four Hundred and Fifteen Thousand Naira) each, within a short time, which greatly eased our task. In the law school, one has to get the money or face the sufferings. So, while other students were facing the music, the law school students of Bauchi state were dancing in affluence. Thank God for his mercies, and then thanks to Governor M.A. for his vision.

Having said that Your Excellency, it is a known fact that the best of good deeds is the one which is sustained no matter how little it is. Despite the challenging efforts made by his Excellency on students welfare, my heart always bleeds when I ask any of my juniors from Bauchi state who are currently in the Nigerian Law school whether they are paid the law school bursary and they answered in the negative. As a lawyer himself, I don’t need to remind his Excellency that law school with all monies is hell; and law school without money is something worse than hell. I therefore use this medium to passionately appeal to the established generosity of our dear governor to please look into the plight of these students and order the immediate payment of their bursary.

Being among the governors that first paid bursaries to Law school students in 2015, I strongly believe that it is just an inadvertence that the current Bauchi law school students are yet to be paid. The payment of the bursary, by and large, the encouragement of legal education is so important to Bauchi state because we are still among the few states in Nigeria that are struggling to produce a senior advocate of Nigeria or a chain of notable personalities from the bar and the bench. This is why the previous prompt payment of the Law school scholarship by his Excellency was a great achievement to me and one of the reasons why I am yet to see a strong point on which I will publicly criticize our governor’s method of governance.

Educational development has been a dream of fathers of our state like the Late Talban Bauchi who in many occasions reiterated the need for “Bauchians” (as he used to say) to be vast and to stand out in all fields of studies. By specifically addressing this issue, His Excellency is not only addressing a pressing need of our state, but he is also bringing into reality the dreams of our ancestral pride and our founding fathers, from the learned Emir Yaqub of Bauchi, Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa, to the likes of Talba of Bauchi.

God Bless Bauchi State!

God Bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Hussaini Hussaini is a legal Practitioner, based in Abuja, Nigeria, and can be reached through

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