The 2017 NBA Conference

Website for the early registration of the NBA national conference has been fully activated. This was affirmed by the TCCP chairperson, Prof. Koyinsola Ajayi.

The learned professor who apologized for the three days delay, urged lawyers to start registration at once, claiming that the problem has been resolved.

In his statement he said:

”My sincere apologies to our leaders and colleagues for this three day delay with registration. Truly sorry and chagrined. 

After a long wait, a long painful three days, I’m pleased to announce that the Website is fully activated and REGISTRATION is on.

DKK please roll out campaign of registration and site visit.


May all who have received complaints direct complainants by SMS WhatsApp or mail direct to the site.

I suggest that contact committee begin to emphasis to POLICE MDA ARMED FORCES etc that registration will close when it’s full and no on site registration.”

Recall that the early bird registration ought to have commenced some days back but interested applicants found it difficult accessing the site.

Click here :

Conference registration site is

Extra fees (optional)
NBA Dinner – 10k
Concert night – 2k5
Concert night VIP – 10k
Wakaa musical night – 2k
Wakaa musical night VIP – 4k

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  1. My assessment for the early bird registration is correctly 20,000. However i can see 80,000 all these just scare me away from this conference.

  2. Comment:The NBA leadership should put recession into consideration and cut down the registration cost at least for early bird

  3. For a lawyer without debit card, how else can he/she make payment. The conference learnt had been sponsored by we’ll meaning Nigerians and yet we are paying so high to attend. Can our noble and great leasers help us and see to the reduction of the price. Thanks

  4. I have been trying to make payment for earlybird registration but I was unable to do same. I was informed on line that the seating capacity for my category type (2008 call) is filled. I was directed to send through email “Sold Out” with my year of call to info@nbaconference which appeared to be the only option solving the problem. That I tried to do, but same message cannot possibly send to the email address via info@nbaconference. The questions now are whether NBA now choose persons to attend the AGC, thereby discriminating some members of the Bar from attending conference. The second question is whether the NBA Executive has admitted the fact that they are incapable of holding NBA AGC which had previously taken place for more than 50 years without any form of discrimination. This is a clear indication that few NBA members are needed to attend the meeting. Also, it is a ploy to cause Lawyer pay additional money in the name of late payment without any keen consideration of the young lawyer. Please the issue aforementioned should be attended to by the NBA National Excos.