Umana Okon Umana

The attention of Mr Umana Okon Umana, Akwa Ibom APC governorship candidate in the 2015 election has been drawn to a letter purportedly written by Justice Inyang Okoro and addressed to the Honourable Chief Justice of Nigeria.

In the said letter, Justice Okoro alleged without evidence that Umana visited his residence (Justice Okoro’s) and made a “request to help him win his appeal before the Supreme Court.”

We would like to respond to Justice Okoro’s baseless allegation as follows:
1) The meeting Justice Okoro is reporting is fiction. No such meeting to discuss how to bribe judges took place between him, Mr Umana Okon Umana and Dr (Pastor) Ebebe Ukpong as alleged.

2) If we assume, without conceding, that such a meeting took place, for a man of Justice Okoro’s standing and knowledge of the law, he ought to have known the legal implications of such a visit, and should have reported it to appropriate authorities immediately. He did not do that, but he is only reacting after the authorities have established a case against him.

3) Justice Okoro’s claim in his purported letter to the Hon. Chief Justice of Nigeria is therefore not only false, it is diversionary and an afterthought.

4) Justice Okoro should address himself to the facts of the case, which is between him and the State, and leave Umana out of it

5) Contrary to Justice Okoro’s claim, Umana had no appeal before the Supreme Court arising from any court judgment on the 2015 governorship election in Akwa Ibom State. Umana had won at the Court of Appeal and therefore was not and couldn’t have been an appellant at the Supreme Court. Umana had won both at the tribunal and at the Court of Appeal. He was therefore confident of victory at the Supreme Court because of the concurrent judgments of the lower courts.

6) It would be recalled that after the Supreme Court judgment, which ignored the concurrent judgments of both the tribunal and the Court of Appeal, and also totally disregarded the reports of the international observers, including those of the United States Government and the European Union which stated that the elections in Akwa Ibom and Rivers states were marred by widespread violence and irregularities, Umana had issued a statement expressing disappointment at the verdict and said he had moved on and left everything in the hands of God. He should therefore be left alone.

Iboro Otongaran
For: Umana Okon Umana

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  1. If there is no evidence of corruption against the judges, then they should go to court and clear their names.
    The problem with Nigeria is that we are so hopelessly corrupt and have no insight to the harms therein.
    We need to see how judges made the money they use to run their expensive lifestyles. If there is any of them with extra income, we will like to know if such incomes were declared and how much was paid in taxes to the REVENUE COLLECTOR from the proceeds.
    It can never be right that a judge sold justice for money. It totally devalued the reputations and the importance of such office. We should be ashamed of where we are today, considering so much resources we are endowed.
    Selfishness, corruption, tribalism,greed and maladministration are the factors that has deterred the development of NIGERIA. How many of our politicians and rich public officials can justify wealth they amassed by virtues of hard work?