Body of Benchers

*Incompetent Body of Benchers and I don’t care NBA

I still don’t know why the change we so desire is yet to be extended to the body of benchers, the body responsible for the call to bar of new wigs, who are also saddle with the responsibility of issuing call to bar certificates to the called students.

It still baffles me that the NBA is spending so much energy and resources in getting rid of fake lawyers, (people who did not invest anything but reaping bountifully from this noble profession), but the same NBA is not interested in spending a few time to consider the unacceptable conduct of the Body of Benchers for withholding our certificates for no genuine reasons which denies us the opportunity of leaving our dreams and helping many in need of legal services.

Is it to be heard that Body of Benchers get so much accolades, respect and honour for being so incompetent or lack the wherewithal to solve important issue like producing call to bar certificate to deserving lawyers, instead, Body of Benchers have become specialists in rendering potentials lawyers inchoate.

Does that mean society celebrates more and raise supreme the unacceptable practices?

Is it now legal to offer what is right at the alter of what is wrong so cheaply and without anyone raising eye brown?

What is bad is bad. How can incompetent body of benchers, who are yet to grant certificates of call to bar to well deserved, qualified and merited students after a year of call to bar could organised a call to bar to another younger set?
Do not get me wrong. My position is that, a competent body of bencher should have make sure they attended to all issues after a call to bar before thinking about organising another call to bar.

What does it take to produce call to bar certificates to those of us that were call to the Nigerian bar last year November who are yet to be given their certificates. This is nothing but wickedness and incompetent?

Would NBA really have a moral ground to stop those people from appearing in court after the concerned students have done all they have been asked to do only for body of benchers to be holding them to ransom without any reason.

It strikes us that both Body of Benchers and NBA don’t care about what people go through mostly when the people in question are from less privileged families.

To raise a lawyer cost a lot, infact, it takes everything you have except you are from a wealthy family.

How then can Body of Benchers after we have passed all the required exams including the almighty Bar final, being call to the Nigeria Bar and yet, without any reason, just because they are Body of Benchers they won’t give us our certificates.

This nonsense is over due to stop.
I call on well meaning Nigeria to come to our aid. We don’t have any trust in Body of Benchers anymore.

We have written series of letter of complaint, request, notification, petitions to Body of Benchers, NBA, SANs, well meaning lawyers and other concerned bodies. But it seem everyone is less concern about our predicament.

We spent years of hard work in the University, likewise in the Law school. We passed the Bar final, we did all we were required to do, we were called to the Nigeria Bar in Nov., 2014, our names are in the programme of those that were qualified for call to bar certificates, we have visited the office of Body of Benchers in Abuja several times from our different locations, yet, we have not been given our certificates. we are at Body of Benchers office as we send this message

This is total and complete wickedness.
We call on Nigerian and Mr. President to kindly intervene.

Written by Victims

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  1. In as much as I readily admit that I have not received my Call To Bar Certificate from the Body of Benchers, I also quickly want to state that I am not a signatory or party to this write-up.
    Quite frankly, it is not enough to attack a hallowed Body.
    More so, the Editor of this blog should have taken precaution to properly investigate and ‘edit’ the write-ups before making it viral.
    Again, I say that I have not been given my Call to Bar Certificate however, It is not to drag the name of the Body of Benchers in the mud.

    • Wowwww, this article against the Board of Benchers is quite unnecessary. A little patience would have been employed. And said article should have been verified before posting it.
      Let me say that in as much as it is true that some persons are yet to get their certificate of call, the Director General of law school assured that the situation is being rectified. More so, the staff at the Benchers office stated that it’s in progress. Although, time is fast spent and a year gone.
      I am also aware that the victims haven’t met officially nor agreed to go viral.
      In any case, assistance may be needed to facilitate process, but is this the right channel?

  2. Learned friend@Yetunde, the situation is really bad by virtue of Section 2 sub 1 LPA they cant practice without enrollment and they can enroll without the almighty certificate.

  3. I sincerely do not blame the writer because I understand the pain and anger of not been able to enrol and practise after fulfilling the conditions for such. I personally know 2 lawyers who were rejected by law firms and had to serve in primary schools during their National Youth Service year because of this matter.

    The Body of benchers need to work closely with the Law school to resolve this and this should be done fast as these lawyers have wasted a year of practice already. The NBA should also come in for speedy interventon as I believe most of them have and are still paying practicing fees to the body.

  4. Unfortunately I am also affected by this issue and it has been frustrating waiting for a year for my CTB certificate and it is refreshing to see people rising up against it. However, the heading of this article smacks of sensational journalism and some words used in this write up are unveiled personal attacks on the Body of Benchers and the NBA, whilst I admit serious intervention is needed, issues are handled with premeditated tact and not adolescent like rants.
    The writer of this article and editor of this blog should have carried out a proper investigation and linked up with other affected colleagues, the depiction of this writer is not having a strong base as the identity of the writer referred here as ‘victims’ does not involve myself and a very good number of my colleagues.
    I was trained and found to be of good character before being called, and I keep fighting for human and civil rights not more less mine, I am a respecter of persons and value such highly, it is quite unfortunate the way things have turned out and hopefully notice of this issue would be taken, but I moreso disassociate myself from this mud slinging article trusting that the authorities would take the necessary steps and issue the CTB certificate before next week.

  5. I am also affected with this issue too. Ever since our call to bar last year some of us are yet to receive to our call to bar certificate to enable us enroll at the Supreme Court. However in as much as we are victims it is not enough reason for anyone to write an article insulting the Body of benchers or the Nigerian Bar Association. All we want, is to appeal to the Body of benchers and the Nigerian Law School to issue our certificate. I sincerely do not approve of this insulting and attacking article.

  6. Unfortunately, I am affected by the same issue, and it is quite refreshing to see people affected as well rise up to this, it is quite painful to still be kept in wait after another year for the CTB certificate, however issues like this are to be handled with premeditated tact, not with adolescent like rants.
    The editor and writer of the article should have properly consulted with other affected colleagues and carried out a proper investigation before churning out this write up before launching unveiled personal attacks and verbally slaying the Body of Benchers and the NBA. The identity of the writer depicted here as ‘victims’ is not accurate as even though I was affected, nobody consulted me before this article was posted online.
    I was trained to fight for human and civil rights not more less mine, and was also found to be of good character and learning before being admitted to the NLS and hereby disassociate my respectful self from this mudslinging and typo filled article but trusting the authorities take note of this and do the needful by issuing the CTB certificates as soon as possible.

  7. Hey guys, I understand you are worried and a little bit scared of what might happen seeing the tone of this article and for fear that you might be denied your CTBC in anger, but the writer has only expressed his right(although I think he should have clearly stated his identity) but I don’t think you all should be intimidated, this is democracy and what is wrong is wrong.
    While it is clear from your responses that you were not consulted before this was written, I do not see anyone expressly coming to deny any of the facts stated here.

    While it is clear you guys want to be discreet about it, am surprised you are taking it too lightly after waiting for so long.

    As I see things,this is clearly a case of the prince begging for food from the palace’s chef.