NBA Discussion Series was launched in October 2016 as a massive bespoke weekly platform for empowering lawyers through professional development and showcasing the vast knowledge pool available in the BAR for National Building. It aims at putting lawyers in the front row of every national discourse.

#NBADiscussionSeries1 Innovations in Real Estate Finance and Development which was held in partnership with the Lawquest Foundation in October 2016
#NBADiscussionSeries2 Understanding the Public Procurement Act held in conjuction with Public Private Partnership and OSIWA held in October 2016.

#NBADiscussionSeries 3 Understanding the Fiscal Responsibility Act held in conjuction with Center for Social Justice CENSOJ and OSIWA held in November 2016
#NBADiscussionSeries4: Compliance Workshop on Companies Regulations 2012 with theme Obtaining Efficient and Effective Service of the Commission.


When Gems3 came on board in 2010, the Nigerian Tax System was saddled with a lot of problems which includes but is not limited to:

. Multiple Taxes
. Nuisance Taxes
. Diversion of revenue collected into private hands
. Lack of transparency in the whole collection process.

Determined to find a solution to these problems, we consulted widely with a all the major stakeholders in the public and private sector and one thing that came out clearly from these engagements is the need to harmonize Taxes/Levies/Rates/Fees at both Local and State Levels.

Gems played a significant role in drafting a bill to harmonize Taxes/Levies/Rates and facilitated the eventual passage of the bill into Law in some of our Pilot States. Both the Legislative and the Executive arm of the Government were carried along in the whole process.

We have also assisted the State to do a wide range of sensitization on our tax intervention to member so the public.
Gems3 management felt the job will not be complete if the third tier of the Government who will be responsible for the interpretation of these laws are left behind.
This explains why the sensitization workshop couldn’t have come at a better time than now.

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