The Federal Road Safety Commission, FRSC, says it is investigating two of its officials caught on video physically assaulting a driver.

A video showing the incident has gone viral on the internet.

The FRSC spokesperson, Bisi Kazeem, told our reporter over the phone on Thursday that the agency was aware of the video and had summoned the officials.

“Yes, we have seen it and we have identified the people in the video and they’ve been recalled for investigation,” Mr. Kazeem said.

“If they are found guilty, they’ll be sanctioned but there must be investigation first.

“In this technology days, everything has to be properly investigated, but we will leave no stone unturned if eventually they are found guilty.”

The video showed a female officer struggling with the driver while the car was in motion. The video was recorded by the passenger sitting next to the driver.

The passenger in the video is heard challenging the FRSC officer: “You call yourself a safety officer, see what you are doing…is it right?”; to which the officer answered, “Yes.”

Surprisingly, she knew the incident was being recorded but did not stop it or hide her identity.

The driver is heard telling the passenger to record the video well and get her name on camera.

While this was going on, just after the car passed an FRSC van parked by the roadside, another officer came out and smashed the side glass of the car close to the person who was sitting in front and recording, forcing both the driver and the passenger out of the car.

It is not clear where and when the incident took place.

Watch video:

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