Kayode Bello

Over the weekend there were heated debates from different fora, social media, group gathering, et al, over the Abuja Campus Law School student that was Expelled.
Based on this TheNigerialawyer exclusively granted an interview to the Expelled student Kayode Bello to get the account of his ordeal in the hands of Nigerian Law school management.

TheNigerialawyer got different stories about your expulsion, some social media carried the story that you protested for the welfare of students. Could you tell us in summary what led to your expulsion?

Thank you for this opportunity to air what had happened. It is true that part of what I protested against were the welfare of students, but it all started with the issue of chairs, and the reservation of chairs. what led to my expulsion according to the authorities of the Nigerian law school were the fact that I challenged the authorities of the Nigerian law school on the facilities, especially having paid over 300,000 naira to the coffers of the Nigerian government via the Treasury Single Account. A student reserved a seat for friend due to inadequate seats in the hall of residence. I was in the seat, but I was chased out of the seat by one Mr. Akinyemi of the control room. I was also queried, then the whole students got to know what was going on. I petitioned Max Elizabeth Uba, the secretary to council of legal education of the matter, but up till this moment no response.

TheNigerialawyer, further gathered that it was because of an Aluta history you had back then in University of Ibadan. How true it this?
My dean, Prof. Oluyemis Bamgbose wrote a negative report against me to the Nigerian law school, one of the reasons was because they said I participated in a protest.

What was the learning environment in law school like?
Very poor. We fetch water, we are over 1800. People experience food poisoning. Study materials are duplicated, marshals threaten us. Lecturers threaten us that we must be fit and proper even where facilities are down.

TheNigerialawyer further gathered that you printed fliers and distributed them to students for protest, is this true?
No, I didn’t.

Did you feel bad after being betrayed by the Student’s Representative Council?
The student representative chairman, Mr Aniete and his excos betrayed me, but their actions were later condemned, I challenge the Student Representative Council to make public the minutes where the SRC excos were condemned for going against me.

Was a summary trial held against you at anytime?

They said there would be, but I said nemo judex in causa sua (they cant be a judge in their own case) especially that they failed to respond to my petition against mr Akinyemi. Mr Osamolu, head of academic affairs also threatened me, and ordered my eviction from the hostel without any panel or committee. I also petitioned the public complaints commission but the Nigerian law school never replied as I learnt.

Is it true you never showed up or failed to show up at the trial?
As I said, they have trampled upon my fundamental rights, and a cockroach cannot have mercy in a panel of fowls.

Why did you refuse to appear for the summary trial?
Because the panel will be against natural justice.

Why didn’t you wait to take up the step you took after your call to bar?
There is no any other time to fight against injustice than the time it occurs, time waits for no one.

It was gathered that you didn’t inform the school management on the challenges you were facing before going to your lawyer? What can you say about this?
They are aware, students tell them even in open space but they kept telling us that that is how it has always been, else they would expel us or not call us to Nigerian bar.

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  1. This is an interesting piece of event and I am watching keenly to see what comes out of this, particularly considering the high level of perceived decadence at the Nigeria Law School, which most of us had to bare until we left the system. Please get the other side of the story so we can find decide where the pendulum tilts.

  2. U dint print fliers really???? Wat were u distributing in mammy? Nd u fetch water wont u fetch water before or you dint fetch water in U.I plus the seat that caused your issues wasn’t reserved your sturborness brought you this far cause information during externship said you also fought with a girl posted to the same court with you over a seat that wasn’t rightly yours to seat on as well.

  3. You aint ev3n bold to say you printed materials and you claim to have been fighting for your supposed right SMH

  4. ”Very poor. We fetch water, we are over 1800. People experience food poisoning. Study materials are duplicated, marshals threaten us. Lecturers threaten us that we must be fit and proper even where facilities are down.”. This line is not true. I passed out of MLS Abuja Campus last year and I can confirm that everything is okay. Compared to the facilities we get in University. The council tries so hard to make things comfortable. Remember it can’t be 100% but Abuja campus is best. For the issue of reservation of seat. This happens everywhere, in banks we reserve space in line then go on to fill our teller. The boy just wants to show himself

  5. This is simply a case of a son whose father was murdered but decided to seek to ask questions about his father’s murderers without having the sword in his hands. If he joins joins his father too soon, nobody can be blamed really. YORUBA PEOPLE would say: You don’t ask questions about who murdered your father when you don’t have the sword in your hands. This is simply preaching the new for Wisdom when fighting for others. This guy obviously had a good cause but he pursued it without applying wisdom. Fighting for others is a good cause but doing so blindly without applying wisdom is suicidal.

  6. The issue of seat reservation is very common in the Nigerian law school, just like in any other place. The facility at the Nigerian law school, Abuja campus is second to none when compared to other campuses. The law profession is not only noble, but sacred. There are ways of ventilating your perceived misgivings in the Nigerian law school, one of which is the instrument of student representative Council( SRC). It is worth noting here that one of the ingredients for an aspirant to the bar is that of being worthy in character and learning. May I humbly rest my case here. Thanks for your kind attention.