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DAILY LAW TIPS by Onyekachi Umah,Esq. (Tip 127)

“Electricity Meter and Rights of Consumers in Nigeria”.

1. Meter Assets Provider (MAP) has a duty to repair or replace a customer’s faulty meter within 2 working days.
2. The repair or replacement of faulty meter shall be at no cost to the customer within the amortisation period, if the damage is not his fault.
3. Where MAP fails to repair or replace a meter within 2 days, the customer shall not pay metering service charge/fee for that period.
4. Where MAP is unable to provide a replacement meter, electricity bill will be calculated on average of the last 3 months bills.
5. A relocating customer within a franchise area shall apply to the Distribution Company(DISCO) for transfer of services and unspent energy credits.
6. Meter shall to be installed free of charge but customer will be charged for metering service every month via energy bills.
7. Customer can elect to pay for meter and installation in full upfront/ahead of meter installation to avoid monthly metering service charge.
8. Where a customer elects to pay for a meter, same shall be installed at his premises within 10 working days of his payment.
9. Meters and metering equipment shall be insured by MAP.
10. Within 120 days from 3rd April 2018, the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission will issue an Order limiting chargeable bills of unmetered customers to avoid outrageous estimated billing systems.

My authorities: Regulations 1, 14, 16, 17, 18, 20 and 31 of the Meter Assets Provider Regulations 2018 (Regulation Number:NERC-R-112) and section 96 of the Electric Power Sector Reform Act.


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