Paul Alobi Nyambi

Could you briefly introduce yourself?
My name is Paul Alobi Nyambi. I am an indigene of Olulumo (Okuni) in Ikom Local Government Area of Cross River State. I am a graduate of the prestigious University of Calabar (Law Class of 2010.) I have been in active private legal practice for the past four years. I am an Associate at Access Law House, Uyo.. a Law office which started in Lagos about a decade ago. I am a Public Rights campaigner… my friends refer to me as the Street Lawyer.

What area (s) of law interests you‎?
The area of Law I find most interesting is Litigation. Both criminal and Civil Litigation.

What do you like most about legal practice?
To me, nothing could be more pleasant than the ability to solve complex problems of clients by simply advising or taking appropriate action. I usually feel a deep sense of fulfillment when ever a client walks into my office and leaves with satisfaction.

Why do you choose to be a lawyer?
I really can not say what inspired me to choose Law. I started fantasizing becoming a Lawyer quite early in Life and this was boldly written in virtually all my books. It will therefore be safe to say that my becoming a lawyer was divinely ordained.

What is your most critical time in practice you had to deal with?
The most critical time I faced in practice was my first three years. Starting private legal practice in Nigeria can be very challenging. Any young lawyer who can survive this period can reach the peak of the profession.

What do you think determines progress in practice?
Ambition,Consistency and hardwork will go a long way in making things work, especially for the Young Practitioners . A Lawyer who is passive in practice should not expect clients to take him/her serious or refer other persons to him.

Have you ever benefited from your ‎ disappointment/mistakes?
When I was two Years post-call, a friend of mine resigned from the Law Office where he was working and recommended me to his Boss. I travelled to that City to apply for the vacancy. During my interaction with the Head of Practice, he asked my age at the Bar, I told him I was two years. He politely informed me that he will want someone who is at least 5 years at the Bar. I felt very disappointed. Luckily, when I came back, after the disappointment, I got a brief that I consider to be a big one for my age at the Bar.

What are your outside interests and hobbies?‎

My interests outside of Law are reading,travelling and swimming.

Could you tell us your experience as a young lawyer ‎
My experience as a Young lawyer has been quite challenging but interesting. You can not rule out exploitation of the Young Lawyer in Nigeria. It is a common denominator. However, I am determined to succeed. I take my destiny fully in my hands.the

Who has been most influential in your life?
It is difficult to name a particular man or woman who has influenced me the most as I am a product of many mentors. If I must mention a name, it must be my late father who set the foundation of my academic voyage.

Your word of encouragement to up coming lawyers ‎‎?‎
I enjoin my fellow young Lawyers to be ambitious, consistent and hardworking. It is only a matter of time, things will fall into place.

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