It is very funny the way things are going on in this our dear country. So judges no longer have right to discharge their obligations as it ought to be. ‎They now act based on powers from ABOVE.

I read this from a Facebook post.

This is what Emeka Akabogu posted on our NLS Class forum and I think that the chickens are coming home to roost;

As a practising lawyer, I was particularly sad yesterday. I was in the court of Dagat J. at the Federal High Court, Lagos. A matter was called in which the firm of a Senior Advocate currently being investigated by EFCC was a representing a party. The learned judge announced that the matter cannot proceed because the court received an ‘order from above’ that the file should be sent to EFCC for investigation purposes. My yet to be called matter also involves the same firm as counsel for one of the parties. I was shocked, and so was every lawyer in court.

So the court now receives ‘order from above’ to release its file to third parties? What happened to interested parties applying to search a file or for CTC of relevant documents? What happened to the court’s unfettered control over its proceedings and documents? Yesterday, I realised the court has been cowed by EFCC and other security/executive powers. Of course the scheduled ruling could not go on, and the shell-shocked parties were left non-plussed by the court’s helplessness. The matter was adjourned for mention.

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